E-mail 無料(回数制限なし)




〜30分 33,000円(税込)

〜60分 66,000円(税込)

〜90分 88,000円(税込)









*画像診断料には,他院で撮像されたCT, MRI, 嚥下造影検査等の記録の読影料が含まれています.

摂食嚥下障害:往診(日本全国,Asian Countries)























*一般耳鼻咽喉科  *一般小児科







【For Dysphagia Patients】

Unavailable for Use with Japanese Health Insurance

Pre-Consultation Charge

Email: Free (Unlimited frequency)

*To ensure a smooth consultation on the scheduled date, we aim to facilitate effective communication through email beforehand. This includes preparing necessary documents, addressing any concerns or uncertainties, discussing medical history and progress. There is no limit to the number of email exchanges.

(Note: We do not provide phone support.)

Consultation Fee (Base Rate)

Up to 30 mins: 33,000 JPY (tax incl)

Up to 60 mins: 66,000 JPY (tax incl)

Up to 90 mins: 88,000 JPY (tax incl)

*Particularly during initial consultations, sessions often exceed 90 minutes. In such cases, there will be no additional charges, so please feel free to discuss your concerns without worrying about time constraints.

Therefore, we do not recommend scheduling appointments with yuor tight post-consultation schedules.

*While face-to-face consultations are our standard practice, we can accommodate online consultations upon patient request.

Examination Fee (Optional)

11,000 JPY (tax incl)

Imaging Diagnosis Fee (Optional)

5,500 JPY (tax incl)

The Examination Fee includes charges for procedures such as Videoendoscopic Evaluation of Swallowing (VE).

The Imaging Diagnosis Fee covers the interpretation of records of CT, MRI, and Videofluoroscopic Examination of Swallowing(VF) conducted at other medical facilities.

Home Visit Service Available

 Area: Nationwide Japan, Asian Countries

 Additional travel fees required

We will request a pre-payment based on estimated costs (primarily calculated using Google Maps) if you use public transportation to travel from our clinic.

Home Visit Private Nursing

16,500 JPY per hour (tax incl): Available only in Tokyo.

49,500 JPY for 3 hours (tax incl): Nationwide JPN

115,000 JPYfor 8 hours (tax incl): Nationwide JPN

Additional travel fees required

*Certified nurse specializing in dysphagia care (certified by the Japanese Nursing Association) affiliated with our clinic, will visit you at your home or any other location to provide not only swallowing and feeding support but also comprehensive private nursing care for all aspects of your daily life

*We will provide education and guidance to the individual, their family, and local medical care providers regarding techniques for swallowing training and appropriate methods for assisting during meals.

*The service hours will be flexible according to needs, and Dr Kanazawa will provide online support as necessary.

International travel for nursing visits can be negotiated upon consultation.

Document Fee (Per Document)

5,500 JPY (including tax)

If you are able to provide a medical information referral letter (Patient Referral Document) from your regular physician, we will apply a discount of 5,500 JPY.


*Our self-pay medical treatments require advance payment via bank transfer (prepayment) to confirm appointments.

*For cancellations by patients for appointments within 7 days, a cancellation fee will be applied.

*However, we will be flexible in handling postponements due to the patient's health condition, etc.

The above fees are for medical treatments within Japan. For medical visits overseas, please inquire separately.

【Other Areas of Medical Treatment】

Available for Use with Japanese Health Insurance for Japanese Citizens

*Specialized for Speech Impairments

*Otolaryngology  *Pediatrics

*Holiday/Night Medical Services

*Home Visits (Additional travel fee required)

*Online Medical Consultations (Available for follow-up appointments only)


*Accepted Payment Methods: Credit Cards, Electronic Money, QR Payments – Various options available.

*Designated Medical Institution for Rare Diseases