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治せる?治せない?摂食嚥下障害の視点と対応 まだまだあるぞ!できること.医歯薬出版 


疾患別 嚥下障害.医歯薬出版 





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摂食嚥下障害の治療方法,対応方法について.リハビリテーション栄養 7 : 203-208, 2023. 

摂食・嚥下障害のリハビリテーション治療の倫理的な葛藤① 臨床倫理委員会の運営と活用方法.総合リハ 51 : 225-228, 2023. 

特集 嚥下造影検査所見の解釈と対策ー咽頭残留の解釈と対策.Clin Reha 31 : 951-958, 2022. 

内科医が知っておきたい 摂食・嚥下障害・嚥下障害をきたす疾患背景とさまざまな対応・治療法ー誤嚥防止手術.Medical Practice 39 : 1063-1067, 2022. 

Cricopharyngeal muscle origin transection for oropharyngeal dysphagia, a novel surgical technique. Eur Arch Otorhinolaryngol 280 : 483-486, 2023. 

特集 嚥下障害と臨床倫理ー誤嚥防止術の適応をめぐってー神経難病を中心に.嚥下医学 10 : 30-38, 2021. 

私の治療方針 球症状を呈し,重症筋無力症と筋萎縮性側索硬化症の鑑別を要した76歳女性.嚥下医学 10 : 53-61, 2021. 

早わかり診療ガイドライン100-エッセンス&リアルワールドー91 嚥下障害ー嚥下障害診療ガイドライン2018年版.Medicina 57 : 403-407, 2020. 

私の術式ー喉頭蓋管形成術+輪状咽頭筋切断術ー金沢英哲の術式.嚥下医学 8 : ●-●, 2019. 

私はこうしているー口腔咽喉頭頸部手術編ー喉頭挙上術.JOHNS 35 : 1354-1357, 2019. 

特集 脳卒中リハビリテーションの最前線ー脳卒中嚥下障害における手術適応の判断基準,病態と手術治療の関連,手術後のリハビリテーション.脳卒中リハ 2 : 2-14, 2019. 

嚥下機能・疾患背景と治療適応.JOHNS 35 : 331-336, 2019. 

私の治療方針 多系統萎縮症(MSA).嚥下医学 8 : 55-66, 2019. 

誤嚥防止手術.JOHNS 34 : 737-743, 2018. 

終末期の摂食嚥下リハビリテーションー看取りを見据えたアプローチー終末期の嚥下障害に抗うー手術療法ー.Medical Reha 186 : ●-●, 2015. 

私の術式ー種々の誤嚥防止術ー金沢英哲(喉頭蓋管形成術)の術式.嚥下医学 3 : 223-228, 2014. 

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Presentation at International Conferences & Meetings

Domestic presentations are numerous, so they will be omitted here.

ーーーーー Upcoming ーーーーー

◆Jun. 2024 6th Asian Congress of Medical and Care Facilities (Busan, KOR🇰🇷):【Invited Speaker】

・The Current State and Future Outlook of The Integrated Community Care System

ーーーーー History ーーーーー

◆Apr. 2024 Bệnh Viện Đa Khoa Tâm Anh(Tam Anh Hospital) (Hanoi, SRV🇻🇳):

・Real cases live discussion

◆Apr. 2024 Bệnh Viện Lão Khoa Trung Ương(National Geriatric Hospital) (Hanoi, SRV🇻🇳): 

・Real cases live discussion

◆Apr. 2024 Bệnh Viện Phục Hồi Chức Năng Hà Hội(Hanoi Rehabiitation Hosiptal) (Hanoi, SRV🇻🇳): 

・Real cases live discussion

◆Nov. 2023 1st Asian Dysphagia Society (Suwon, KOR🇰🇷): 【Oral Presenter】

・A Novel Service for Severe Dysphagia: Home Visit-based Second Opinion and Swallowing Function Evaluation

◆Sep. 2023 29th Japanese Society of Dysphagia Rehabilitation (JPN🇯🇵): 【Invited Speaker】

・How is the indication for surgery determined with severe dysphagia

◆Aug. 2023  國立臺灣大學附設醫院(National Taiwan University) (Taipei, TW🇹🇼): 【Invited Speaker】

・Functional Surgeries for Dysphagia

◆Aug. 2023 3rd Taiwan Association of Dysphagia (Taipei, TW🇹🇼): 【Invited Speaker】

・Rehabilitation for dysphagia after oropharyngeal cancer treatment

◆Aug. 2023 臺北榮民總醫院(Taipei Veterans General Hospital) (Taipei, TW🇹🇼):

・(A Cace Conference)

◆Mar. 2023 1st International Symposium on Dysphagia and Interdisciplinary Care (Kaohsiung, TW🇹🇼): 【Invited Speaker】

・Pitfalls & Tips for Success in VE

◆Mar. 2023 高雄醫科大學(Kaohsiung Medical University) (Kaohsiung, TW🇹🇼): 【Invited Speaker】

・Pitfalls & Tips for Success in VF

◆Dec. 2022 台灣高齡產業創新發展協會(Taiwan Aging Industry Innovation Development Association) (Taipei, TW🇹🇼):

・A case of Dysphagia using KTBC

◆Dec. 2022 高雄市立小港醫院(Kaohsiung Municipal Siaogang Hospital) (Kaohsiung, TW🇹🇼):

・How to deal with withdrawal from NG tube feeding

◆Dec. 2022 臺北市立萬芳醫院(Taipei Municipal Wanfang Hospital) (Taipei, TW🇹🇼):

・Functional Surgeries for Dysphagia

◆Nov. 2021 JSDR sponsored 3rd non-frying faculty on the web for Thailand 🇹🇭(Web): 【Invited Speaker】

・Swallowing Treatment Head & Neck Cancer

・Surgical reconstruction, Medical Management

◆Aug. 2021 2nd World Dysphagia Summit Pre-congress Workshop (JPN🇯🇵): 【Invited Instructor】



◆Mar. 2021 JSDR sponsored 2nd non-flying faculty on the web for Indonesia🇮🇩 (Web): 【Invited Speaker】

・Swallowing Treatment Head & Neck Cancer

・Surgical reconstruction, Medical Management

◆Sep. 2019 第十一届营养与成功老齢化学术大会 (Shanghai, CN🇨🇳): 【Inivited Speaker】


◆Sep. 2019 上海永慈康复医院(Shanghai Yongci Rehabilitation Hospital) (Shanghai, CN)🇨🇳: 【Invited Speaker】

・A Point of Viewing Swallowing Rehab

◆Sep. 2019 第一屆台日吞嚥障礙治療暨營養照護學術研討會 (Taipei, TW🇹🇼): 【Invited Speaker】

・VE findings and strategy

◆Sep. 2019 長照發展暨吞嚥與營養國際研討會 (Taipei, TW🇹🇼): 【Invited Speaker】

・Strategic thinking about Dysphagia

◆Aug. 2019 中国康复医学会吞咽障碍康复专业委员会第二届年会 (Kunming, CN🇨🇳): 【Invited Speaker】

・Perspectives and Practices of Dysphagia

◆Apr. 2019 Asia Association for Disability and Oral Health (Kaohsiung, TW🇹🇼): 【Invited Speaker】

・VE findings and making strategies for dysphagia

◆Mar. 2019 Dysphagia Seminar in Shanghai (Shanghai, CN🇨🇳): 【Invited Speaker】


◆Dec. 2018 高雄醫學大學(Kaohsiung Medical University) (Kaohsiung, TW🇹🇼): 【Invited Speaker】

・Strategic thinking about Dysphagia

・Strategic thinking and practice in chronic dysphagia patients

◆Aug. 2018 96th Japan Gastroenterological Endoscopy Society (JPN🇯🇵): 【Invited Speaker】

・What should we do with Dysphagia in Super-aging Society

◆Sep. 2017 23rd Japanese Society of Dysphagia Rehabilitation (JPN🇯🇵): 【Oral Presenter】

・Surgical indications of aspiration prevention surgery in Multiple System Atrophy

◆Mar. 2017 10th Manchester Phonosurgery & Neurolaryngology Dissection Course (Manchester, UK🇬🇧): 【Invited Instructor】

◆Mar. 2017 3rd Manchester Dysphagia, Transnasal Oesophagoscopy & Balloon Dilatation Course (Manchester, UK🇬🇧): 【Invited Speaker】

・Glottic Closure Procedure Combined with Bilateral Cricopharyngeal Myotomy at the CP Muscle Base

・Tubed Epiglottoplasty for Life-Threatening Aspiration

◆Sep. 2016 22nd Japanese Society of Dysphagia Rehabilitation (JPN🇯🇵): 【Oral Presenter】

・What's the ideal technique for aspiration prevention surgery in elderly patients?

◆Mar. 2015 Dysphagia Research Society (Chicago, US🇺🇸): 【Invited Speaker】

・Tubed Epiglottoplasty for Life-Threatening Aspiration